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Family is always foremost in my mind. My wonderful husband and adult children are the center of my life. In the last few years we have gone from being a family of 5 to a family of 14! Wow! Ken and I adore our 6 grandchildren and the many spoils that come with being a grandparent. Ken, myself, and Dirty Water Soap reside on the family homestead, located on the Western Slope of Colorado. My family has supported me in my in soap making adventures since the very first trial batch of soap. They are my "test subjects", my research team, my tape recorders, my delivery peeps, and even, most importantly, my inspiration.

My husband and I both come from very large families, therefore I have a ton of skin types to try new products on, from the mechanics that use the Monkey Wrench to scrub grease off work roughened hands to the flower petal skin of a niece allergic to all scents and additives and everything imaginable in between. They are fabulous and try out all the new skin products I can design. I am very blessed to have such support and love in my life.

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