Dirty Water Soap Works

dirts in the water not on you!


Due to a death in the family Dirty Water Soap Works will be closed until February 9, 2017. 

As a small business owner it has always been my intention to keep personal and business matters separate. And that, my friends, is a fine line to walk. As a small business owner I am the face, I am the bookkeeper, the chief cook and the bottle washer as my mothers would say. My family is my heartbeat, and right now my family life is needing a lot of my attention. I have not wanted to put this out into the world, however, I want to let my loyal customers know I am not going out of business nor am I simply slacking off. The week after thanksgiving my Father in Law was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer. After A long and difficult battle Dad has passed peacefully on to the next adventure. However, my time is still being redirected to help with all the details that need to seen to as well as making certain my mother in law takes care of herself.

I will return to work mid-February to pick up where we left off and get all of you, my loyal customers, stocked up with delicious bathing products.
Most of all, hold those you love tight, I know I have been.